Ethics Education – double-major study (MA)

Graduate Profile

Graduates of the master study programme in Ethics Education acquire the competence for the teaching of ethics and ethics education in primary and secondary schools. They will gain full professional and pedagogical qualifications for this work. As part of the study it is necessary to pass an examination of the core courses as well as the relevant number of pedagogical and psychological, didactic and practical units. Graduates of the programme can be conceptually and pragmatically engaged in pedagogical work and can also become educators and managers in educational and pedagogical institutions. They can be engaged in lecturing courses aimed to increase professional qualifications and ethics of civil servants in civil service and public administration as well as in other major corporations that are building ethical profile of management staff. Graduates of this master study programme are also able to follow new knowledge in related disciplines such as pedagogy, andragogy, psychology and sociology. Moreover, they have high-quality practical experiences with exercises that can be appropriately used in the teaching process.

What you will Learn During your Studies?

You will learn what the basic structure of ethics education is, find out what is behind the concepts of empathy, positive assessment of others, assertiveness, prosocial behaviour or creativity. You will deal with the theoretical background of professional ethics of teacher in Slovakia as well as in the European context and absorb the teacher’s code of ethics. Also, you will observe the ethics of marital and family life, learn about its anthropological and ethical assumptions, discuss the ethics of marital relationship and conceptions of sexuality, and learn how to undertake education for responsibility and justice. You will also be interested in the ethical dimension of human communication and body language. You will learn to develop communication skills, to use active listening techniques and ways of self-presentation.

Employment Qualifications of Graduates

The graduate of the given study program acquires the ability to teach ethics education at elementary and secondary schools in the 5th to 13th grade with full professional and pedagogical qualifications. They can find employment as pedagogues in pedagogical and educational institutions. In particular, they can also be employed in higher educational institutions or as an individual researcher, as a teacher in extra-curricular facilities, cultural and social institutions, in various educational institutions, editorial offices and scientific institutions. Exceptionally successful graduates can continue to study in the related field and work as university teachers and academic researchers.

Life at the Department

Do you want to be inspired abroad? Take advantage of the possibility of foreign study stays at selected universities. You do not have to travel far away – spend a semester in Poland or the Czech Republic, however if you are attracted to distant destinations we will offer you a stay in Scotland or Canada. You do not like to travel? Then, enhance your study at home. Some ethical issue will surely captivate you so you can try to solve it. You can present your ethical stance at student competitions or at the scientific seminars and conferences we regularly organize. We have prepared more activities for you. Surprise yourself! We will be looking forward to you in the next academic year.