Ethics Education – double-major study (BA)

Graduate Profile

Graduates of the bachelor study programme in Ethics Education (BA) will acquire basic knowledge of the theories of education and training as well as ethics education and ethics. A part of the requirement of the bachelor’s degree is to pass an examination of the core courses as well as the pedagogical-psychological applicative units. The graduate will be able to creatively apply gained theoretical knowledge to the educational process, to form moral attitudes of pupils and to develop the interest in lifelong learning and self-education. Graduates are capable to correctly recognize the position of ethics and human values in the life of a man and to act pedagogically in situations of moral conflicts in everyday life. Graduate of the study programme is able to communicate morally and pedagogically correctly, to apply principles of empathy and assertive behaviour in everyday working relation in the exercise of his profession. Graduate of a bachelor study programme Ethics Education gains appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to be able to work actively in areas related to ethics education.

What you will Learn During your Studies?

You will learn what the basic structure of ethics education is, find out what is behind the concepts of empathy, positive assessment of others, assertiveness, prosocial behaviour or creativity. You will deal with the theoretical background of professional ethics of teacher in Slovakia as well as in the European context and absorb the teacher’s code of ethics. Furthermore, you will observe the ethics of marital and family life, learn about its anthropological and ethical assumptions, discuss the ethics of marital relationship and conceptions of sexuality, and learn how to undertake education for responsibility and justice. You will also be interested in the ethical dimension of human communication and body language. You will learn how to develop communication skills, to use active listening techniques and ways of self-presentation.

Employment Qualifications of Graduates

Graduates of study programme Ethics Education (BA) can assert themselves mainly as teachers of Ethics Education at primary and secondary schools, at educational and out-of-school institutions and leisure centres. They can also pedagogically work in the spirit of ethical educational in educational institutions and exercise an influence on wards in making important decisions, in distinguishing good and evil in everyday situation, for example at working with delinquent youth and the like. Students are able to explain the basic ethical issues to various groups of pupils and to suggest possible ways of solving them. At the same time they can analyse and solve ethical problems at the level of handling the basics of ethics education. Graduates can thoughtfully organize their further education in the field of ethics education and related disciplines. Foreign study stays of students contribute to a comprehensive orientation in ethics education and increase the possiblity to assert themselves outside Slovakia.

Life at the Department

Do you want to be inspired abroad? Take advantage of the possibility of foreign study stays at selected universities. You do not have to travel far away – spend a semester in Poland or the Czech Republic, however if you are attracted to distant destinations we will offer you an stay in Scotland or Canada. You do not like to travel? Then, enhance your study at home. Some ethical issue will surely address you so you can try to solve it. You can present your attitude at the student competitions or at the scientific seminars and conferences we regularly organize. We have prepared more activities for you. Surprise yourself! We will be looking forward to you in the next academic year.