Applied Ethics – Professional Ethics – single-subject study (BA)

Graduate Profile

Graduates will gain a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of professional ethics. They will master not only theoretical foundations of ethics but will be able to solve a variety of moral conflict situations within professional ethics. Within the bachelor’s degree programme in Applied Ethics - Professional Ethics it is necessary to pass an examination of the core courses as well as the pedagogical-psychological and applicative units. Graduates of the study programme are also familiar with axiology within the range of basic theoretical knowledge of values, evaluation and value systems. They are able to formulate practical ethical solutions to various ethical issues and in relation to different areas of practice. Graduates of the study programme will gain basic knowledge of ethics which will enable them to actively and directly work in the area of applied ethics and professional ethics.

What you will Learn During your Studies?

In the subject of Environmental Ethics, you will learn which philosophical and ethical concepts respond to the threat of global ecological crisis, and what are the related theoretical foundations and solutions. In the subject of Ethics of Labour, topics such as the work as a self-realization factor, its value and ability to change its surroundings and working man are discussed. The current issues of application and adherence to the ethical and moral principles in politics, mass media communication and management functions are dealt within the subjects such as Political Ethics, Mass media and Managerial Ethics.

Employment Qualifications of Graduates

Graduates of the study programme can apply to wrok in both the public and private sectors, including civil service and the educational institutions. They can effectively handle situations related to the application of ethical principles into the exercise of their profession. They can handle situations related to the application of ethical principles in their profession. As professionals able to manage work teams and diagnose and resolve ethical issues they are in a position to be employed in various positions in management of companies, in national or multinational organizations, counselling centres, ethical committees, governing bodies and ethics committees. Graduates are able to explain the basic ethical issues to various groups of pupils and to suggest possible ways of solving them. They are able to work effectively as part of a team in the preparation of a code of ethics within the profession (e.g. in insurance business, banking and offices of various types such as tax office). A continuation of their professional development is anticipated.

Life at the Department

Do you want to reveal the media scandals, political affairs or analyse behaviour of business executives in term of ethics? Do you have your own creative solutions to avert the threat of the global ecological crisis? Are you attracted to solving ethical dilemmas? Grab the opportunity to consider, study, explore and confront your views in discussions forums, participate in annual student competition or present your insight at scientific conferences. Do you want to know what’s new in ethics beyond the borders of Slovakia? You will find it personally if you travel on an exchange study trip abroad. Do you prefer affiliated universities in the Czech Republic or Poland or do you wish to visit the distant countries in the world? What about spending a semester in Scotland or Canada? Do not forget that the transfer station for high-quality education as well as experiences and study stays is at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. We are looking forward to you!