Doctoral study

Ethics – single-subject study (PhD.)

Graduate Profile

The content of the Doctoral study programme in Ethics follows the Master’s study programme Ethics and is conceived as a preparation for independent scientific and research activities in the field of general ethics, applied ethics and ethics education. Therefore, it is focused on the specialized study of ethical disciplines with an emphasis on the high-quality handling of their theoretical and methodological aspects and it prefers highly individual character of study. Graduates have mastered the scientific methods of ethical research, they can independently follow current trends in this area of knowledge and to look for new, original solutions and approaches to the studied subjects. They work constructively with experts from other scientific disciplines, are able to apply their knowledge in practice and are capable of conducting research in the given area of study.

Employment Qualifications of Graduates

Graduates are able find employment in independent scientific and research position at universities or the Slovak Academy of Sciences, in private companies dealing with the issue of ethical auditing, balancing and expertise, in research institutes with a pedagogical, environmental and ethical orientation. They can work in institutions with a focus on human rights, urbanization, migration, refugees and as pedagogues at universities.