doc. PhDr. Peter Korený, Ph.D.



Phone: +421 37 6408 384

Office: H-212


- reports on scientific activities
- ŠVOUČ coordinator

Office Hours: Winter Part 2017/2018

Monday 14:00 - 15:00

Scientific and research focus:

– moral decision-making and the issue of relativizing general ethical standards in applied ethics
– differential analysis of various forms of recognition of particular ethical identities in the conditions of modern pluralistic societies
– disputes over the religious, worldview and ethical neutrality of a democratic rule of law
– difference, tolerance and competing forms of moral justification of tolerating differences
– religion in post-secular time and contemporary disputes over the legitimacy of law-making and the exercise of political power

Pedagogical focus:

– general ethics and applied ethics
– history of ethics
– ethics of good life
– disputes over tolerance in modern pluralistic society
– contemporary disputes over the ethical neutrality of the state